The UNIMECH Doctrine

Represent the best. We will be associated with

only the most revered names in technology and engineering, so as to further confirm our level of quality, workmanship and after-sales service.


Set standards. We will always strive to be a global player. We will compete aggressively but not by downplaying standards. Our factories and workshops will be compliant to international safety measures and we will set the bar for the rest within the industry.


Be accountable. We will maintain transparency in all our business ventures.


Honour the Client. We have and will build, nurture and maintain relationships spanning decades. We will earn trust and attain confidence of all our stakeholders.


Dream big. We will set goals just a little beyond our reach, thus always stretching out to attain the next level. We will invest in people and retain them. We will invest in technology and constantly upgrade them. We will progressively formulate and review our 15 Year Strategy.