CSR Presence

At UNIMECH, we believe in building a better future for our heirs. We feel obligated to the society we live in. We feel compelled to groom our young from an early stage.


Our Chairman has always felt strongly about employment generation and education, especially that of women. His wife – Director to the UNIMECH banner and Chairperson of Unimech Limited – has pioneered since the 1980s various donations for education, employment and accommodation to both individuals as well as institutions near the family estate in Gazipur. Together, they actively helped and rehabilitated the Hindu minority of the region, supporting them with their children’s education and providing employment on our rice fields.


UNIMECH wants to leave a better earth.

To accomplish this, we stand by the following track.


Recycling drive at Third Terrace Resorts premises.


Introduction of Solar Panels at all UNIMECH factories, workshops and resort premises.


Establishment of The Saleh Education Fund, focusing on Women.


Promoting retention of the country’s intelligence by offering Scholarships to those who seek education abroad, provided they return upon completion to add value and expertise to the labour force of Bangladesh.