Unimech Limited – the parent organisation under the banner of UNIMECH – stemmed off as a concern of Rivoli Promoters, a company founded in 1972. Pioneering the use of advanced machinery for ground handling purposes in the Dhaka International Airport, Unimech Limited quickly became synonymous to aviation equipment in Bangladesh.


Since its inception, it has prided itself in liaising with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Government of Bangladesh in order to mark its presence across all international airports of the country, and has been instrumental in contributing significantly to the shift towards

automation in this industry during the 1970s.


UNIMECH has branched out since 2007 to form an eco-friendly resort near Dhaka, under the banner of Third Terrace Resorts Limited. With a view to provide the corporate consumer a place to host official retreats, it has quickly gained momentum to become a popular escape for both company as well as personal visitors.


UNIMECH further diversifies its portfolio so as to mark its presence among varied sectors. The Group has presence in the food processing arena – Unimech Food Factory Limited spearheads this endeavour.


Future footprint of UNIMECH will encompass the textile, ceramic and shipping industries.