UNIMECH Footprint

UNIMECH has also branched out to form an eco-friendly resort near Dhaka, under the banner of Third Terrace Resorts Limited. With a view to provide the corporate consumer a place to host official retreats, it has quickly gained momentum to become a popular escape for both company as well as personal visitors.
In the strategy to further diversity its portfolio so as to mark its presence among varied sectors, specifically that of manufacturing, the Group recently sought to enter the food processing arena – that would also form part of the UNIMECH umbrella. Unimech Food Factory Limited has thus been formed to spearhead this endeavour.
In its quest to reform the quality of consumables produced locally, Unimech Food Factory Limited aims to develop a brand that would be synonymous with excellence. As a manufacturer of quality food items conforming to the international market place, the company hopes to cater to the domestic market of Bangladesh before it expands its operations to set a global footprint.