Managing Director

Unimech Food Factory Limited


Unimech Limited
Third Terrace Resorts Limited


Ms Farah Josephine Saleh Hussain overseas all operations for Unimech Food Factory Limited. Her career spans from development organisations to Corporate Banking in HSBC. Responsible for acquiring corporate clientele and government project accounts, she has had the opportunity to work with stakeholders at a multitude of levels, ranging from senior public officials and relevant counterparts in non-profit organisations to various institutes and Business Houses of the country.


Through business affiliation as well as personal network, she claims a host of contacts and associates in all parts of the world – key allies for UNIMECH in setting a worldwide footprint in the long run.


Ms Saleh Hussain holds an MBA degree from INSEAD, France and Bachelor’s degrees in Bioengineering, Economics and Business French from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA.


She enjoys painting, reading and cooking.