Managing Director

Unimech Limited


Unimech Food Factory Limited
Third Terrace Resorts Limited


UNIMECH was founded by Mr Abu Saleh in 1972, soon after the Liberation War. Mr Saleh was a visionary man who foresaw the immense scope that lay in the field of aviation, the imminent development that was to follow after the birth of a country. His very persona is the epitome of a self-made man who has known the hardships of starting his own business in a thriving market of the ‘70s, in an industry that is governed by bureaucracy, lobbying and technological know-how.


Beyond UNIMECH, his philanthropy is known to all in the vicinity of his family estate in Gazipur. He has been known to provide for the locals – primarily a Hindu community – ever since he bought his first decimal of land in the area; employing them to cultivate crops, ensuring the education of their children through a small schooling setup, distributing warm clothes every winter, hosting them during every holiday – Hindu/Muslim or otherwise – and most importantly, investing in the infrastructural development of the locality through proper roads, electricity and gas lines.


He is a meticulous businessman of stellar repute, both within the workplace and elsewhere. He holds a Master’s degree in Physics from the University of Dhaka.


Mr Saleh enjoys reading in his spare time and commands a mighty penmanship reserved for personal writing.